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Herbal Products

Get a one hour free consult about herbs and how they benefit certain body needs. Personal evaluation. That’s a $250.00 value.

  • Category: Consult
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Milton, WV (Map)
  • More Info: Free consultation!! Physical meetings are conducted with social distancing in mind. Phone/Virtual consultation also available.



Nana’z Naturalz Apothecary provides unique perspectives.

for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t

 just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body but seeks

to serve others with deeper levels of knowledge and

transformation with herbal alternatives.


Being raised by parents that gave me plants when I

was ill gave me a great start to continue my knowledge

of wild harvesting and the usefulness of herbs.


The body systems have always intrigued me in

 how to prevent disease processes, especially

with vitamin deficiency.


My studies have been in Ayurvedic medicinal

 astrology, holistic, western medicine as well as folklore.

I have helped many people remove chemically

 based medicines from their lives.


Everything I grow is organic, Sustainably

Farmed & 100% Pure.

Stay Healthy and Feel Balanced,

I offer a free consultation.

 Also, I am offering a free program promoting holistic

health and wellness concepts.


Using nature as God intended it.